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The eventa Group develops and finances companies in the technology sector with the focus on smart building automation systems and could-based solutions for data acquisition, analysis and evaluation. The enterprises of the owner-run eventa Group are highly specialized and have decades of experience in their respective area of expertise. Their mission is the implementation of complex projects that require individually tailored solutions.

Logo livebau smart electric

Service provider for
✔ Lighting technology and control
✔ Media technology
✔ Building automation
✔ Smart Sensing

✔ Selling preconfigured distributors through their online store myVerteiler that are delivered ready to connect
✔ Providing repair and maintenance services for special devices (media technology, event equipment and architectural lighting) with FixtureDoc

Logo preussen automation

Manufacturer and distributor of
✔ Lighting
✔ Media technology
✔ Control technology
✔ Home automation products

✔ Offering smart solutions for an easy management of complex electrical systems through their own brand mavacon
✔ Distributing high quality lighting technology, media technology and home automation products via their online store medientechnik24

Logo screenlinx

Web development service provider
✔ Responsive web development
✔ Good website usability
✔ Seach Engine Optimization (SEO)
✔ Social Media Optimization (SMO)

✔ E-commerce business: Design and programming of online stores with an integrated data management solution (using the system rasin MDM)
✔ Film and animations: Compositing, video editing and creation of individual logo, text and 3D animations

Logo AR Automation

Service provider for AR control applications
✔ 3D mapping of the physical space
✔ Create AR layer
✔ Control & monitor devices
✔ Get alerts in case of anomalies

AR Light: user-friendly application to control all luminaires in complex buildings and big office spaces.
AR Horticulture: unique application to control and monitor lighting, air and water supply in vertical farms.

The products and services of the eventa Group companies are highly successful, not only in Germany but also internationally. Our customers include medium-sized enterprises as well as international corporations like BMW, Osram, Amadeus, Fraport, Swarovski and many others. The headquarters of the eventa Group, which was founded in 2000, are located in Seeshaupt (near Munich).

Partnerships - Lets team up!


The eventa Group is always looking for new partnerships in order to enable further development of new technologies and business ideas. We believe in exchange of expertise, mutual support and joint project work.
If you are interested in cooperating with the eventa Group or need more information about the multiple services offered by the different companies, please contact us any time.

Investor Relations – Information for investors


We are glad to see that you are interested in our company. The eventa Group regards itself as a business developer and operator. In its function as a holding, eventa AG makes major investments in the electrical engineering and electronics sector. With its specialized portfolio, the company has a clear long-term strategy to generate sustainable growth and open up additional market opportunities in the technology sector.

Open and reliable information relating to the position of the company lies at the heart of our investor relations work.
The following documents will provide investors with all important information:

Annual Report 2017 (PDF)
Organisation Chart (PDF)
eventa Factsheet (PDF)

If you would like to find out more about our investor relations activities, you can contact us any time and we will be glad to provide you with more information on all questions surrounding the eventa Group.



You are interested in the work of the eventa Group and looking for a job? Feel free to have a look at the careers section on our livebau website or send us your speculative job application – we are always looking forward to new additions to our team. If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in, are determined to make a difference, then you’ve come to the right place.


Logo der eventa AG

The eventa Group develops and finances companies in the technology sector.

Flurweg 11
82402 Seeshaupt

t: +49 8801 9119 - 0
f: +49 8801 9119 - 290


livebau illuminates majestic jellyfish in Swarovski Crystal Worlds
Seeshaupt | Munich, 10/01/2019

livebau knew how to let this artwork of Swarovski Crystal Worlds shine that resembles a jellyfish floating on the surface of the ocean: The body is lit up by LED Dots and connected to a glass fibre plait of 10 meters that represents the tentacles of the jellyfish.

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livebau's lighting concept emphasizes the colours of the Common Wall
Seeshaupt | Munich, 5/01/2019

Whenever you enter or leave the MVHS (educational institution in Munich), the sculpture dynamically leads you. The colourful, three-dimensional wall sculpture has a stimulating effect und reflects the characteristics of a educational institution open to everyone. The spotlights installed by livebau follow the form of the artwork emphasizing its colour concept eve more.

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livebau closed the fourth quarter with incoming orders of € 1.4 million
Seeshaupt | Munich, 31/12/2018

The German lighting specialist livebau continues to follow a its path of success. In the last three months of the past fiscal year, livebau scored again with its many years of expertise in the field of lighting and control technology and closed the fourth quarter with  incoming orders of € 1.4 million.

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